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1. 31 Point Safety Check £REE!

Yes - it is free- and takes no more than ten minutes (a bit longer if busy). Just call to arrange a convenient time. Ideal to check bike at start of season and plan for first service.

2. Standard Service from £35

Ideal for a first tune up for bikes in good condition but ridden infrequently.

Check operation of brakes and gears, adjust as required, check condition of cables - replace as required, tyres checked for wear/damage and replaced as required, steering checked and adjusted as required, all bearings checked and adjusted as required (excludes sealed units), wheels checked for alignment, 31 Point Safety Check (not all points may apply to every bike)and report on future issued and next service timetabled.

3. Silver Service from £55

The tune-up service for bikes in good condition and ridden regularly, or for a check-up between annual services

As a Standard Service, PLUS chain lubricated, bottom bracket removed, cleaned, re-greased and refitted (Sealed units excepted), seat post removed, cleaned greased and refitted, wheels trued in frame, cables replaced (inners only). Advice on future issues and next service timetabled.

4. Gold Service from £75

The Annual Service - recommended every 1500 miles for road users or 1000 miles for off-road users.

As a Silver Service, PLUS Cable outers, caps and ferrules replaced along with inner wires. All bearings removed, cleaned, re-greased and refitted (excludes sealed units). Wheels trued off the bike. Frame condition checked and alignments checked. Advice on future issues and next service booked.

5. Platinum Service £130

This is the full works. We aim to get your bike to 'as new' as we can...

As a Gold Service, PLUS Total strip down of all parts, cleaned, re-greased and reassembled (excludes sealed units) Frame and fork alignment check and tracked Frame and fork cleaned and polished. Advice given on future issues and next service booked.

6. Boxed Bike Assembly £50

If you have bought a boxed bike, not from us, and would like it assembled and made safe to ride or if you have built it yourself and would like it checked over

Bike assembled or checked Fitted to rider for safety and comfort

For 'bike building' see below.

7. A La Carte Services

If you just want a single or items attending to please refer to the guide price list below - this is not an exhaustive list so if you need something not listed please contact us -we will do our best to help you.

  • Fit Cable (per cable) £12
  • Fit Chain £12
  • Fit Sprockets £12
  • Adjust Gears (per front& Rear) £12
  • Fit chain and sprocket, adjust gears £22
  • Fit new lever,adjust gears £17
  • Fit new front or rear mechanism, adjust gears £17
  • Repair mechanisms £22
  • Brakes Adjust brakes(Front & Rear) £12
  • Fit cable, adjust brakes (per cable) £12
  • Fit blocks, adjust brakes £12
  • Fit newcantilever/V brakes (per pair), adjust brakes £17
  • Bleed Disc Brakes(per brake) £22
  • Bottom Brackets Fit new/cleanre-grease original £17
  • Headsets Fit new/clean, adjust, re-grease original £27
  • Wheel Rebuild from £35 (plus spokes, etc.)
  • Replace spokesand/or true Off Bike £12
  • Wheel New Build - ask for prices
  • Hubs Fit new axle and/or clean and re-grease original - Front £12
  • Fit new axle and/or clean and re-grease original - Rear £14
  • Tyres & Tubes Fit New Tyre or Tube £8 per wheel
  • Puncture Repair - from £3
  • Handlebars Fit new (involves removal, refitting, adjusting of brakes, gears, etc.) £22
  • Handlebar Stem Fit new (involves removal, refitting, adjusting of brakes, gears, etc.) £22
  • Saddle/Seat post Fit new and/or original £12
  • Pedals Fit new or refit original £12
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