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Bikeability is the modern version of the Cycling Proficiency Test and designed to cater for the 21st century to give the next generation of cyclists the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads.

There are three Bikeability levels and children (and adults!) will been encouraged and inspired to achieve all three levels, recognising that there is always more to learn and to enjoy on a bike.

Malcolm is NSI Qualified Instructor delivering Bikeability Levels 1 and 2 in schools through local authority schemes and their partner providers.

Level 3 is usually done on a private basis with an instructor on a one to one basis, although all levels can be done privately using a registered instructor such as Malcolm..

Through the Castle Cycles Coaching scheme all three NSI levels can be delivered to both adults and children either on a one to one basis or in small groups. Courses can be tailored to suit your particular needs, both in terms of time for the courses, length, frequency and tailored content subject to the minimum requirements as laid down by the governing body.

National Standard Outcomes

Level 1 Outcomes

Aims: To encourage and develop cycle control skills and to give trainees the confidence to use their cycles more.

* Demonstrate an understanding of safety equipment and clothing

* Carry out a simple bike check

* Get on and off the bike without help

* Start off and pedal without help

* Stop without help

* Ride along without help for roughly one minute or more

* Make the bike go where they want

* Use gears correctly (where cycle has gears)

* Stop quickly with control

* Manoeuvre safely to avoid objects

* Look all around, including behind, without loss of control

* Control the bike with one hand

* Share space with pedestrians and other cyclists (optional)

Level 2 Outcomes

Aims: To encourage and develop safe cycling skills; to develop positive attitudes towards road use; to increase knowledge and understanding of the road and traffic environment; to give trainees the confidence to use their cycles on the road.

*All Level 1 manoeuvres

* Start an on road journey

* Finish an on road journey

* Be aware of potential hazards

* Understand how and when to signal intentions to other road users

* Understand where to ride on the roads being used

* Pass parked or slower moving vehicles

* Pass side roads

* Turn left into a minor road

* Make a U-turn

* Turn left into a major road

* Turn right from a minor to a major road

* Turn right from a major to a minor road

* Demonstrate decision making and understanding of safe riding strategy

* Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Highway Code

* Decide where cycling infrastructure can help a journey and demonstrate correct use

* Go straight on from minor road to minor road at a crossroads (optional)

* Use mini roundabouts and single lane roundabouts (optional)

Level 3 Outcomes

Aims: To encourage and develop safe cycling skills; to develop positive attitudes towards road use; to increase knowledge and understanding of the road and traffic environment; give trainees the confidence to use their cycles on longer journeys.

* All Level 2 manoeuvres

* Preparing for a journey

* Understanding advance road positions

* Passing queuing traffic

* Hazard perception and strategy to deal with hazards

* Understanding driver blind spots, particularly for large vehicles

* Reacting to hazardous road surfaces

* How to use roundabouts (optional)

* How to use junctions controlled by traffic lights (optional)

* How to use multi lane roads (optional)

* How to use both on and off road cycle infrastructure (optional)

* Dealing with vehicles that pull in and stop in front of you (optional)

* Sharing the road with other cyclists (optional)

* Cycling on roads with a speed limit above 30mph (optional)

* Cycling in bus lanes (optional)

* Cycling in pairs or groups (optional)

* Locking a bike securely (optional)


Go-Ride is British Cycling’s Club Development Programme aimed at improving both young riders and clubs. It focuses on volunteers and young members – improving coaching standards and increasing the number of young riders with access to coaching activities. Go-Ride supports the creation of school – club links, which helps provide clubs with a constant influx of new young members and helps everyone work towards our shared vision of more young people, more active, more often in cycling. The success of Go-Ride is dependent upon partnerships between British Cycling, clubs, schools, local authorities and voluntary organisations.

As a qualified Level 2 Coach with BC Malcolm will be supporting his local club and intends to fully participate in the coaching of the club members under the above scheme and in other areas of cycling.

For more details on Go-Ride please see the Club’s web site or contact us using the enquiry form below.

Specialist Coaching

As a qualified Level 3 Coach with the Association of British Cycle Coaches I am able to offer the following personal coaching services:


* Comprehensive rider questionnaire

* Introductory consultation, meeting or telephone conversation

* Phased breakdown of yearly training

* Twelve detailed monthly training plans

* Explanation and expansion of all training sessions

* Regular analysis of progress

* Revised training plans when required

* Unlimited e-mail and telephone consultation and advice.

This is a fully personalised service, based on your current ability, your goals, your potential to achieve and your lifestyle. Every week has sessions specific to the training required to meet your needs, and the constraints of the time your have available. This, like all good coaching, is a partnership, between rider and coach, a two way dialogue, of advice, analysis and feedback.This service is intended for those riders who are intent on achieving theirmaximum potential and are prepared for the amount and intensity of work inorder to achieve these goals.

Cost: £65 per month


Comprehensive rider questionnaire, introductory consultation, meeting or telephone conversation, phased breakdown of yearly training, twelve detailed monthly training plans. Explanation and expansion of all training sessions. Revision of plans Monthly e-mail or telephone contact

This service, provides training targeted at your chosen events, based on your lifestyle constraints and the intensity at which you want to train.

With less contact, than with the premium service, this service requires the rider to be more self reliant. Every week of training is based on the training required to meet your needs, and the constraints of the time you have available. With limited contact, the need to be organised and to keep records is important. This service is intended for those riders who wish to improve their performance, but for who, riding is a passion rather than an obsession.

Cost: £40 per month

For more information and to arrange a no obligation chat please use the contact form below.

Family Rides

Cycling with friends or family is a great way to improve health, interpersonal skills and your cycling skills as well as getting to see the countryside around you.

At Castle Cycles Coaching we can offer to plan and lead a ride for you, the family or group of friends for any distance and over most terrains – from the flat roads of the Fens to the rolling hills of Derbyshire and beyond.

If you prefer we can plan a route and send you off unaccompanied to take the ride at your own pace and at a time suitable to you. The choice is yours!

We have many routes already mapped out that can be used by groups either accompanied or unaccompanied or we can plan a route to suit the make-up and experience of the group.

Options for the use of GPS files (GPX and other formats) are also available with routes planned to tell you when to turn (you will obviously need a suitable GPS to use the files).

Please contact us for more details and pricing for all types of rides using the form below.

Journey Planning

One of the most daunting things a new cyclist (and sometimes a more experienced cyclist) can do is venture out into unknown territory on a journey either for leisure or to say travel to work.

We can offer a planning service where we can accompany you on an existing route that you use to look at ways of improving the journey, or to plan out and accompany you on a new route to say work or school.

This service is ideal where a child is planning to cycle to school for the first time. We will plan the route (using a combination of roads and cycle lanes, where available), check it out and then accompany the child the first time prior to them undertaking the journey to school to ensure that they are happy with the roads, junctions, traffic, etc. If necessary we will then modify the route to ensure that the child is comfortable and feels safe on the journey. Accompaniment can also be undertaken in ‘real time’ on the first or more journeys to school if required.

For adults who are planning to cycle to work this service allows us to plan an ideal route upon the same lines as above taking into consideration the experience of the cyclist involved.

Contact us using the form below for more details about this service.

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